Databay provides a comprehensive and secure web based data management application, enabling you to control and manage your company's vital information. Databay's user friendly system will help you stay on top of profits, payroll, billing, scheduling, human resources and management reports. Databay accomplishes this without the high costs and hassles normally associated with an In-House Information management system.

Many ASP providers know programming. How many know business? At Databay, we know business. We have been in your shoes running a heavily labor oriented service business. This background gives us an edge over the competition. We know what it takes to design a system that will be easily utilized by field personnel, and simultaneously powerful for management. This takes more then programming know-how. This takes a solid business mind that has fought in the very same trenches as you.

With the Databay solution, we have succeeded in creating a versatile, easy to use, cost-effective product that will empower your organization.

The intuitive nature of the design and Databay's 24 hour on line support presence combine to enable even the most challenged user to automate their business.

Outsourcing exchanges large capital investments and high variable costs, associated with in-house management systems, for fractional fixed costs. Databay features flexible controls and predictable forecasting tools that combine service and support to enable the freedom to change and the power to grow. Databay allows managers to focus on building customer relationships, enhancing employee productivity, and increasing profits.

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