Databay features flexible controls and predictable forecasting tools that combine to enable managers to focus on building customer relationships and increasing profits.

Decrease Costs
By outsourcing your data management to Databay, you will substantially reduce costs associated with the maintenance, support and staffing of an in-house information management department. Costs are drastically reduced or eliminated in software development, maintenance and upgrades. By utilizing our secured web based system, your network maintenance and communication costs are eliminated. Databay's team of experienced technology experts manages your IT requirements for a fraction of the cost of having IT professionals on staff. With our subscription based cost structure, large upfront capital is no longer required. Additionally, your information technology costs are fixed per month and predictable.

Increase Control
Our intuitive and user-friendly scheduling module and margin reports, eliminate your dependence on others to get critical and urgent information to run your bur business. The vital information needed to explain fluctuations in costs and profitability by individual client or employee are at your finger tips.

Increase Flexibility
Our secure web-based system is accessible from any terminal with a Web connection. Businesses with branch offices or traveling users reduce the hardware and network costs associated with Wide Area Networks.

Increase Productivity
You and your staff will be freed of time consuming server, network, and software maintenance. Simple changes and additions will no longer require key staff members to take their focus away from your core business.

Empower Your Business
Small and mid-size businesses have big business resources and capabilities available to them at a fraction of the cost. As you grow into new markets, open branch offices with ease. With Databay you have the freedom to change and the power to grow.

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